Horrid Henry


Moody Margaret’s having the sleepover to end all sleepovers; Henry can’t let her get away with that, or can he? When Henry decides to review the rules of the Purple Hand Gang membership, he gets more than he bargained for! It’s a clear case of identity theft when Margaret creates her own YouGroove channel and starts behaving like a certain very horrid boy. Competition can come from anywhere, as Henry discovers when Peter decides to be a bit less than Perfect!


Horrid Henry is one of the UK’s biggest and most popular animated TV series ever. It’s not easy being Henry; trying to read your Gross Class Zero comic whilst everyone else has other plans for you! Or making the best music video ever when everyone else wants to get in on the act.


Horrid Henry becomes a grown-up for a day, and Henry takes his excuses for not doing his homework too far by claiming that aliens have eaten it! Horrid Henry gets the blame for eating all of mum’s snacks so decides to turn detective to catch the real thief, Perfect Peter goes paint-balling, and Henry gets left home alone. Horrid Henry lands a role in a film, Dad offers to do Henry’s homework for him and Henry sells off his old clothes. Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter decide to gatecrash Moody Margaret’s party, Rude Ralph wants to become an air guitar star, and Henry manages to get everyone in detention.


Horrid Henry accidentally breaks Mum’s perfume and has to replace it without her knowing, Mum decides to extend her Veg patch meaning Henry’s fort will be moved, and when School uniform is introduced to Henry’s school, he has to put a stop to it!


Horrid Henry is the award wining CiTV children’s animated TV series. Life just isn’t fair if you’re a kid – just ask Henry! If you’re not battling your teachers or the school demon dinner lady then you’re in trouble with your Mum and Dad or having to wage war against the girl next-door, and don’t even mention Perfect Peter his goody two-shoes brother!