Deep Water


Deep Water is an emotional thriller set in England’s beautiful Lake District. Among the epic scenery of lakes and mountains, we meet three ordinary mothers. But, behind closed doors, each woman is struggling with extraordinary moral and ethical dilemmas. Physiotherapist Roz (Sinéad Keenan) is stony broke, living with a gambling addicted partner, trying to maintain a home for them and their daughter. Should she solve their financial problems by having sex for money with one of her clients? Meanwhile, glamorous and wealthy Kate (Rosalind Eleazar) appears to have it all. But, appearances can be deceptive. How far will this complicated woman go to save her marriage and keep her family together? Chaotic but lovable Lisa (Anna Friel) is yearning for something else in her life and is drawn to Kate with her big house and successful husband. A chance encounter at Kate’s dinner party turns Lisa’s world upside down and leads to a careless mistake when she forgets to pick up Kate’s daughter from school.